My 15 Shopping & Styling Tips

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Even Miranda would approve…


1-Size: Purchase the size that fits. The key is for it to fit you well. No one knows what that tag says but you. A good fit is a greater victory.

2-Discounts: Always ask if there are any additional discounts on your items.  There are some that you won’t get unless you ask. Don’t leave the cashier without inquiring. Save!

3-Special Occasions: If you find a dress for a special occassion while casually shopping or browsing….buy it. You’ll be happy you did when that special event unexpectedly comes around.

4-Assess: Shop and style your closet before going on a shopping excursion. Know what you have and need, first.

5-Swimwear: For swimwear, size up. You can try your size but definitely at least try 1-2 sizes up as well, to be sure it fits the curves as it should.

6-Recycle: Wear a quality piece often. Style it differently with accessories for several looks and occasions.

7-Blazers: Polish any look with a tailored blazer. This is a good idea for your casual attire as well. A tailored blazer can pull the look together with minimal effort.

8-Colors: It doesn’t have to match, it just has to go. Don’t play the matchy-matchy game. Be sure pieces work well together. They do not have to match.

9-Strategy: Shop alone sometimes. It helps you focus and gives you more time to try things on. Sometimes shopping should be viewed as a project to enhance your wardrobe, not just fun & games.

10-Time: Shop early. Get to your favorite stores or mall right at opening time. You’ll feel more relaxed and will most likely get better customer service and attention.

11-Shoes: For shoes, be honest with yourself about whether you can comfortably walk in them or not.  If uncomfortable to take a few steps in, don’t buy them.


12-Jewelry: Organize your jewelry. Color coding is always good. You want to make your jewelry accessible for easy styling.

13-Quantity: Less is more. Do not overload colors and accessories.

14-Bras: Get re-fitted every 6 months. Our sizes change as we work out, diet, gain weight, lose weight, or build muscle.

15-Wallets: Invest in a quality wallet. They last longer and always look chic while you shop and socialize.


Happy Styling! Happy Shopping!

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The kimono trend is one of my favorites.


Whenever I wear this floral & fringe one, I feel vibrant, sexy and playful.

When you feel good and comfortable in what you are wearing, you most definitely carry yourself with more confidence.

It also allows you to enjoy yourself and your environment even more.

Never leave home in something that you don’t feel good in.

This kimono is from Forever 21, for under $25.

Yeah, I’m in love with it.


Accessorized with my orange J.Crew clutch to bring out the vibrant floral print.

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August Looks: Which One is Your Fave?

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The Full Dress

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InStyle Magazine Inspired

August Style Series (Week 3 of 3)

My final look for this month’s style series is my floral, full dress.

I’ve worn this Ann Taylor dress several times this Spring and Summer.

My first time in it was in April, to see Oprah at a local event! No, Oprah didn’t notice.


Pull out your full skirts and dresses. Add cardigans, jackets, accesories, brooches, etc to give you various looks.

They work well with ballet flats, sandals or your favorite sexy heels. They will go a very long way.


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Gorgeous Gray

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The rules on neutral have changed.
Gray is GORGEOUS. 
Here are my FIVE favorites, under $100!Gorgeous Gray-under $100


Red Hot-A Peek at Fall

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InStyle Magazine Inspired

August Style Series (week 2 of 3)

While some shy away from bold colors,  I’ve always been drawn to them like this hot red.



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Hey, beautiful people!

I hope you’re enjoying your Thursday.

Just a quick stop to let you know how much I’m enjoying my gift from eShakti.

I’ve worn this lovely, easy blazer with a couple of looks, but, I especially like this one.

The comfort in the fabric, the tuxedo buttons, and the fact that it’s in my favorite color, makes it a great go-to piece.

Stop by their online store HERE to see what they offer.

There’s a huge SALE going on today…



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All Meshed Up

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InStyle Inspired

August Style Series (week 1 of 3)

Confession: I own multiple mesh tops. Although you can camouflage with tank or camisole, I like showing a little skin.


I’m wearing a wide neck top from Express.

As you’ll see, styling it with denim skinnies from BeBe was a no-brainer.

While this trend gives you flexibility to dress up or down, I stayed somewhere in the middle with my BCBG ankle strap pumps. Ready for fun.

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Feeling Floral

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Oh, summer! You come and you go. You’re such a tease…

The good news is that we still have a little quality time left with you.
One of my favorite scenes from ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ is when Miranda says,
‘florals for Spring…groundbreaking.’ LOL!
Yes, it’s definitely nothing new but a fun-classic when the sun is shining.

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Pin It!

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Oh, because floral lapel pins & brooches are all of that. For men & women.

ETSY  is the easiest place to find them. All sorts of textures, styles & sizes.


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